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Ares Vz. 58 Compact Batteries

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I've searched around and found that there are two batteries to my knowledge that appear to fit in the Ares Vz. 58 Compact.


These are:

G&P 7.4v 1200mah 30c

Firefox 7.4v 1200mah 20c


Unfortunately most places I look are out of stock in the UK and to ship from America is either going to take weeks or cost me more than the battery itself in delivery.


Does anyone else own an Ares Vz. 58 Compact and use a different battery, just so we can start building a bit of catalogue as to what actually fits.


For anyone interested in buying one, on patrol base it states and links a VP Racing 7.4v 1000mah 20c. I bought one, its about 1-2mm too thick to fit. Luckily I still have a use for it with my L85A2. It's such a close fit that it could well be that if I bought another it may just fit and this one happens to be that tiny bit to big.

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