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Strikeforce CQB - Gloucester (Swindon Airsoft)

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So I've played here once so far, just come back to airsofting after long lay off, probably about 9yrs.

This place is huge 140m by 50m, the complete upper floor of the old Englands Glory Match Factory here in Gloucester.

The Staff are great people and the atmosphere is brilliant.


Here is a link to a video of a walkround/overview of the site from 07/08/2016



There's a Travelodge hotel within easy walking distance for those who might want to travel down the day before due distances.

There's a Burgerking, a good cafe and a supermarket all within a 5 minute walk should you want to get something to eat in the midday break.



From Swindon Airsoft's own page:

StrikeForce CQB, based in Gloucester city centre, is the largest purpose built indoor Airsoft arena in Europe - boasting a football pitch size playing area of 52,000+ square feet.

Located at Morelands Trading Estate, Units 39 & 40, Bristol Road, Gloucester, GL1 5RZ
Run by experienced Marshalls. All our staff see airsoft as more than just a sport it is a social event where anyone, not just players, can turn up have a chat, learn about the sport and have a play if the feeling takes them.

We are a UKARA registered site and happy to register new members who attend our game days.

Guns and gear always
availible at our on site shop, anything you need just ask we are always happy to bring orders to site from our extensive Swindon Airsoft retail store.

Free Tea and Coffee and Tuck shop on site.

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