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GI Airsoft

GI August Bank hols big weekend - 26-28 Aug 2016

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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The war rages on for another year. Separatist forces have claimed almost total dominance of their break away republic forcing Government and PMC troops to withdraw from most of their old territory.

But as with all victories it has been short lived.
A new offensive has begun.

Separatist forces must fight to hold the land that their brothers and sisters shed so much blood to free from tyranny. Your land, your people, your choice. The PMC have no rights here and the Government are still the enemy.
PMC troops have entered the area looking to reclaim corporate assets seized by the Separatists and hunt for a number of wanted criminals with large bounties on their heads who have fled to the area. Separatist forces must be driven from all Corporate assets and no Government interference can be tolerated in the completion of the bounties.
Government forces backed by the UN are trying to impose a peace that no body wants, and bring about democratic elections that nobody will trust. Under the rule of law or by force if needed its time to end this revolution and remove Corporate troops once and for all.
Entertainment - Saturday night will again feature a free barbeque.


Hi guys, here is the story for this years epic GI weekender at Westwood, Herts.

A weekend of pew pew, BBQ and beers with music and silliness. Come and join the Gunman community for a great weekend of Airsoft. Bookings are open;)

Teams And Classes

Published by Marie Coulton-Knight · June 3, 2015 at 2:00pm
There will be 3 teams for this event. Those teams are:

Government forces are moving into the area to neutralise the rebellion from the separatists. The government forces will be wearing modern camo systems, such as A-Tacs, multicam, Kryptek etc.

The Separatists are currently rebelling against the Government forces for their independence. They will be wearing old camo systems, such as ACU, Soldier 95, and American Woodlands.

Private Military Contractors have been sent in to secure the industrial interests of the area. They will be wearing classic PMC block colours, such as black and tan.

Each team is split into 3 classes:

This is the largest of the classes, making up the bulk of the team. Assault players are allowed 1200 rounds, and may not use any weapons above 350fps (i.e. snipers). The play type will be similar to standard Airsoft skirmishing, with missions aimed towards large engagements, taking and holding critical areas, and full on warfare.

This class follows more of a FilmSim style of play. Limited to 600 rounds, and unable to use a support gun, Tactical players will be performing missions such as VIP extraction or escort, and retrieving key items. Expect a lot of fast paced action.

The smallest and most restricted of the classes, Recon players will be limited to 120 rounds, capable of using a sniper rifle, pistol and knife. Recon will be performing missions such as gathering critical intelligence, locating targets and objectives, and assassinations. Recon is heavily focused on a MilSim style of play, requiring sneaking behind enemy lines, choosing your engagements and getting away undetected.

All of the classes will be working together in the team throughout the weekend, relying on help from the others to complete their missions. The missions given to you will also depend on the success or failure of your team to complete objectives, so teamwork is critical.

Update for the teams released 1st July 2016

Hi guys, bookings are rolling in and we have one hell of a weekend planned. Here is the official update for the weekend.

Operating from a small FOB, the PMC must keep control of conglomerate assets and provide security for the civilian workers that had jobs to complete in the field. They have also been given a list of HVT rebel bounties (High Value Targets) to try and arrest and claim the bounty on. This bounty arrangement is outside of the lawful UN forces, so extraction must be organized and completed via chopper.

Separatist Faction.
Operating from a small faction camp.
As well as controlling all the main objectives in the field, the separatists are also in a strong position to gain support from other sympathetic governments from around the world.

However, due to the ever-growing success of the separatists and their growth in support and numbers, there has been a leadership split..

The Gustav Faction – Support Uri Gustav for head of the group and new government when it’s formed.
The Craven Faction - Support Jacob Craven for head of the group and new government when it’s formed.

The mechanic of this is simple, its NOT about the two groups killing each other (though this might happen) its about who completes jobs and then returns with the ‘Evidence of completion’ card. Each card is worth $2000 in support. The faction with the most financial support will take control of the whole group.

Government forces with UN command.
Operating from outside of the combat zone, the Government forces have no base in the field; instead they operate via GOV ENTRY checkpoints.
Check point Alpha
Check point Bravo

Now controlled by peacekeeping UN commanders, the Gov force must play by a new set of rules of engagement. The Government goal is to rebuild the lost support of their nation and gain support from foreign governments. To achieve this they must show restraint and attempt to arrest as many Separatists as possible rather than kill them and in an attempt to keep foreign business flowing they will also not interfere with PMC assets but will arrest any PMC breaking any request to stand down.

Rules of engagement are.
If PMC, they are required to ‘CLEAR THE AREA’
If Separatist, ‘YOU ARE UNDER ARREST’ and an arrested must be attempted. If resisted, they can be shot, medic ‘d and arrested, then escorted back to a Gov checkpoint.
The Gov forces must not engage an enemy unless fired upon or after a warning has been given. If the do and are spotted by media personnel, it will wipe clean all the good work they have done and they must start again.
‘If your naughty, don’t get caughtee!!!

Every arrest and successful escort to a checkpoint is worth 1 point of positive attitude towards the government. If they reach X (which will not be published) they will have won back the hearts and minds of the people.

In all cases and with all things GUNMAN, play in the spirit of the game and have huge piles of FUN;)

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.
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