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CYMA MP5 Spring Change Issue

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Hi there,


I am fairly new to airsofting and I got a CYMA MP5 which was too powerful, so I changed the spring to a M90. At first it wasn't firing and you could hear the motor just spinning, so I realized that it wasn't high enough. I fixed that and it sounded how it should and was cycling. So I then decided to try it with pellets and see if it actually wanted to fire. It does fire but the pellets curve straight down when the hop up is on nothing. I can increase the hop up which does add range to the pellets but still not going nearly as far as it should. Sometimes it just doesn't fire at all or the pellets just go straight down.


Any ideas what this might be? Miss aligned hop up? Gearbox parts not placed in properly? Spring too weak?

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chrono required and more info

you should get about 290-300fps which will still carry a regular .20 or .25 quite well


however if something is out of whack - nozzle to bucking/hop seal you could be down to under 200fps - heck even 100fps

she is feeding ok so the nozzle may not be sealing to hop and is a possible area to investigate


but without knowing wtf she is shooting at you are having to guess what the problem is and try various things to check

sounds like an air leak of some description but only a wild guess with what you have described....

sounds like fps is seriously down eg: 100fps or so for some reason

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