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What battery?

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Ring them - it is a sopmod and so it might require a bespoke sopmod battery or a kit to convert


the only way to know 101% is to ring LWA themselves


sure this was asked a day or so ago and coz nobody knew the answer is why nobody replied

edit my bad:




2 replies but no deffo confirmation coz the "sopmod" reference = TM sopmod's have a bespoke battery

and there are kits to convert to conventional lipo etc.....


damn weird ideas that some bring out this modular stuff = weird stuff that limits your options

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Duck, SOPMOD = Special Operations Peculiar MODification.


Nothing to do with TM, they've just used US Military naming conventions for that rifle which crosses over with other manufacturers using the same terminology.

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Ahhh - I see - saw the SOPMOD stock reference and looking at the odd angle it cuts at the back, then thought it might have one of them sopmod battery bollox thingy mjigy watsits in there....




but seems like normal conventional crane stock:





Bravo SOPMOD Stock

- Rear wired in stock tube with Mini Tamiya connector.
- Battery: 7.4 stock tube Li-Po (Type 18) (Not Included)


So it might be a stock tube battery like FireHawk or CTR stocks



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