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Team Rules and ranking

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Morning All,


I was thinking it would be good to get some team rules and a pecking order in place before our first game. This is a democracy so feel free to tell me to get back in my box and shut up :)




1) on site rules are to be followed at all times (safety first y'all)


2) no swearing at each other, I am terrible for swearing especially when hit, but swearing at someone is not cool.


3) friendly fire, it does occassionally happen by accident, own up and apologise if you hit one of our guys. Retribution and deliberate friendly fire will not be tolerated.


Please comment or pm me to add/change rules.




Part II of my crazy ideas is a ranking system. First ranking system is "on the field" rank. We use existing British Army Ranks. To get "promoted" you need 5 points for example start as private 5 points gets you lance corporal 10 points corporal etc. Up to warrant officer. If we get too many high ranks we may change this.


I am going of the British Army ranks in the link below, but if anyone has better list of British Army ranks let me know.




Points will be made up of +1 games played (including any played before joining) +5 for Territorial Army experience +10 for regular Armed Forces experience.


Demotion can be voluntary (you play lots of games but don't want to lead) or can happen if you lead a game and the team complains you were a cockwomble.


If you are demoted from Private you will be asked to leave, a dishonourable discharge if you like.


Being a higher rank does not mean you command the team into the line of fire for your ammusement but if you have a plan it will be considered plan A.


I was also thinking people could hold a second rank for non field use. These people would be expected to organise games, expand the team and be first port of call for questions.


As I say this is all ideas if you are for or against please comment or PM me.

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