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Protect your SJ4000 / GoPro? Budget

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Recently bought the Turnigy SJ4000 - the waterproof case is good all round, except the part where it protects the lens.

I've only put GoPro because the case is similar (ish) no idea if the waterproof case can handle bb's.


Anyway. tested it works alright no damage, shot with 330 fps about 15cm and point blank no damage at all.


I bought the lens protector for my red dot had a spare so i just threw it on.


The damage on the top was me trying to cut it down size.. but i don't have the right tools do it as of right now.


Anyway; Originaly i tested the SJ4000 case it shattered straight away ( the lens bit). Got my second case and removed the circle plastic cover the lens from the original casing, as it might cause reflections / glare inside ruining the recording.


Products used






works for me and i'm happy hope it works for you. :D


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Naww man, don't be so odd, improvisation is king in airsoft circles, I think it looks awful, but its thoughtful and ingeniously executed.


You really are an odd person aren't you

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Calls person odd twice: 'That's harassment'


Really are bloody odd aren't you


No, it's not " Calls person odd twice: 'That's harassment' ", it's: " Calls person odd in twice two separate threads: 'That's harassment' ".

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The cases on the "genuine" SJCAM SJ4000's (because there are fakes of go pro rip off's -.-) will take repeated hits to the lense area at point blank without cracking (ironically stronger than real GP's), so this is pointless unless you are using a fake fake. And on the off chance the lense does break, the cases are cheaper to replace than your little fix. You can buy them for £1.50.

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This guy will cut whatever size and width you want for about £3 for 5 of them: http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/bobbyboy0177?_trksid=p2047675.l2559


3mm is ideal for airsoft.

Don't know how ideal is the size 3mm, as I did ordered from him a custom size for my torch, but on last game at the mall it got shattered. I'll order more as they are cheap. Maybe I was just unlucky or someone missed the crono :))
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I've had my 3mm one get hit a lot. Make sure it's stood off from the edge with an o-ring as that takes a lot of the energy out of the impact.


They will still break though, and that's why you buy 5 :) Not worth having something thicker on scopes as it begins to serious distort things. You'd probably be fine with a thicker one on torches though.

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Thought i'd update this;

  • Painted it tacticool matte black.
  • Drilled some holes for audio ( as the sj400 cases is a full seal and doesn't fit GoPro skeleton cases ).
  • Made the "Lens Protector" more smaller for a better fit as originally I found out if it got hit on the overlapping corners it would just make it pop out.
  • Made a hole on the side so i can use an external battery.


It is acrylic, Perspex to be exact it has indeed got shot at but no breaks or marks so far, probably due to the thickness

Will be looking at poly-carbonate as a counterpart as @ImTriggerHappy mentioned its good on high impacts.




But anyway suits my needs for now

hope it helps someone out out there

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I've done my fair share of research on how to protect cameras in airsoft, and solid Polycarbonate sheet seems to be the best stuff. This stuff seems to be known as "lexan" in america, though i have found it here in the UK suprisingly cheap as on amazon it cost arouns £20 for a small 3mm thick sheet:




Here is a video that shows why you should definiteley NOT use acrylic for this:


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