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Is this g36 a good gun?

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yeah JG g36's are good for their price,

buy from a uk retailer if u don't have ukara

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From experience;

My JG G36 has been taken apart to be turned into an SL-9...then back to a G36 again.

It was one tough b******d to take apart - even with all the screws and bolts out it held itself together.


Back as a G36 it's been used and abused. Dozens of games and it hadn't let me down.

Dropped and bounced down a flight of stairs. The mag fell out. But that was it.


It recently went into storage in my loft for 5yrs and now it's come out the trigger is naff, but I recon it will be an easy fix.


It won't let you down.

Main con is that the (NiHm) batteries can be a real snug fit in the handguard. I've pinched and nearly stripped the wires several times trying to slide the hanguard back on.

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