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Tokyo Marui Hi-Cappa 5.1 - grip safety mechanism

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Apologies as I am a newbie to airsoft. Having just bought a Tokyo Marui Hi-Cappa 5.1, I am impressed with it compared to my Stealth Assassin which was nothing but a pain in the ass. I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how the safety catch on the grip of the pistol is supposed to work?


It was my understanding that the weapon would not fire unless the lever on the grip has pressure on it from your hand. I find however that the weapon will fire without any pressure on the safety catch. I note that in order for it to fire without pressure on the grip safety catch, you do seem to need more trigger pressure.


It doesn't help that the manual is in Japanese. I am trying to find a manual in English.


Other than this glitch, I am extremely happy with it. Any advice would be gratefully received.


Thanks, Stephen.

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Judging by a couple of threads i've seen on other forums it looks like it is meant to work but doesn't always:



I'm not really into the tech side of things so someone else may be able to confirm if that is correct.

That was very useful, thank you. In reality, the grip safety does not impact the use of the pistol. It's just annoying that it doesn't work on a brand new pistol. I'll get someone to do this for me however, I am worried that it will then impact the operation of the gun. It's tempting to leave it.

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