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Got what I thought would be everything in the post today :D

opened package to find only half the stuff had arrive, but they are within the 2 weeks to get the other half to me, so we'll see how that goes


Good customer service so far, decent shipping times, box it came in was a little crushed but everything inside was in perfect condition


Really good cheap things on the site I couldn't get anywhere else


will likely do another order from them at some point if I get the other half of my stuff shortly



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First time I ordered from them was over Xmas. Surprisingly quick for that time of year. Items do what they say, and do it well.

Just £7 for an MP5 Hi-cap. Yep, £7!

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um i have a question, what are Airsoft Clubs delivery times? i ordered something like 2 weeks back...IT WAS SHIPPED 2 weeks ago... now it said it was processing twice on the same day...and i dont know whether they have replied to my dad's email asking where my items are, it was only a half face mesh mask and a single point sling...


thank you in advance,


PS the question is, Dave/other customers, how long did it take?

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