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A long shot but desperately seeking sightings of Q66 ANJ

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Hi Guys,

Desperately seeking Q66 ANJ

I know this is not Airsoft related but with such a great membership and distribution I am really hoping someone has seen my old vehicle in the last 8-10 years or has any information on its whereabouts.

The DVLA records that this vehicle had an MOT and TAX until August 2015 and is now SORN.

I was a long time owner of the above vehicle and was wondering if it's still about as I would love to get her back to a once loving owner.

Any info on where my old RV is now would be very appreciated.


If anyone has any information or suggestions then please feel free to contact me by Email to [email protected]

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She's gorgeous.

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What she lacks in looks are made up for in performance (Evil grin) she was the only vehicle I could ever wheelie :-) and that RAT look is just as hard as nails :-) even back then.


On a serious note guys, if you see this anywhere or have seen it recently (most likely looking far smarter than she does in this photo) then bung me an email as there could be a beer prize available for the right tip off :-) or for the younger guys a crate of Redbull :-)


Its SORN now so most likely it is parked up in a drive way, farm or an industrial estate so please keep your eyes open, Q66 ANJ remember :-)

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