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Which electric rifle/submachine gun

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I'm new to this gun thing, so my knowledge is very limited, and hoping I can get a few people here pointing me in the right direction.


What I'm after:


As powerful rapid fire gun as I can legally get for under £100. Using as heavy pellets as well without losing acuracy within reason.


From what I have learnt is I don't want the expense of using gas, spring is for single shot. So I'm assuming it then has to be electric. Was looking at this https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/double-eagle-m901c-metal-ak47-krinkov-cqb.html#write_review until I saw bad reviews on a forum stating it doesn't last more than 5 minutes.


So back to square one.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Mate, first of all you started with the wrong foot. What I would suggest is:

1. Make a nice introduction about yourself in the relevant thread, in order to brake the ice so people can know a thing, or two about you.

2. Read the guides.

3. Use the search function.

4. Use google.

5. Use search function again.

6. Decide what you like.

7. Read reviews.

8. Search a bit more.


XX After that maybe start a topic like this.


What you are doing is an insult to all this people here, who took time to write some guide to help players like me and you.

We don't know nothing about you, who you are, your age, where do you play, etc. Thing that make it even harder for us to start recommending something.

Leave the urge for pew, pew for later on, if you decided to get into airsoft read relevant information about it first.

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