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Charlie Murphy

Help upgrading Dboys Hk416

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Hi guys,

*Generic i'm new to airsoft speech*

I'm new to airsoft, but i've done the research, and am aware of Dboy internal problems. I really wanted a HK416 tho, and this is the cheapest model available for me in europe. So im planning to upgrade the internals to make it a decent aeg.

*NOTE: I'm getting the rear-wired version*

i bought a Dboys/Boyi HK416, im hoping to turn it into a decent Medium/Long range rifle. I'm hoping to shoot around 50 meters (30-60 yards), with a RoF of around 20

What parts should be replaced first, and by what brands?
(If you could give me links, so i see specifically what brand/price)

I'd appreciate the help guys!

Thanks in advance,

Charlie Murphy

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Very little tbh


comes with bearing spring guide (plastic but it is fine they do not HAVE to be metal)

piston head (blue plastic head) seals very well - miles superior to other stock piston heads


The piston itself and the sector gear I am not a great fan of but will suffice for modest 20rps

just a bit of ptfe tape to seal it to cylinder, possible o-ring change if seal isn't astounding


The main to change or consider changing is hop unit - f*cking crap clear one to red element accurate g36/prowin clone type

o-ring nozzle would be wise, clear plastic nozzle is not great


often these come in hot 385fps so spring downgrade or Shortstroke a couple of teeth if using a full metal tooth piston

(correcting AoE blah blah blah)


it comes with 7mm bearings which will be ok-ish but pushing higher speeds past 20rps they can fail at 27rps in under 20k rounds

(well mine did :()

but going easy they should be fine...


If and when they fail replace with bushings and maybe a 16:1 gear set - no need to go nutz


motor isn't great - can replace with shs torque or run for a while on higher 11.1v juice with stock motor

though mosfet for long term use would be wise

those are your options to attain 20rps


It isn't a bad gun - quite solid with plenty of weight, 295/300 barrel with 400mm outer barrel extension option included

think the hop is the most people change as stock one is crap (typical d-boyi hop found in other guns they do)

if you decide to use 380-410 barrel then change cylinder as it is ported for the 295/300 barrel


Taiwangun do them for about 190 Euro front or rear wired

front comes with a good size peq box - rear wired is ergh rear wired but their crane stock - hmmm not the best

bloody thing has a screw at back - weird thing to put in, without replacing screw it is fine but doesn't seem to snap shut 101%

(like I said crane stock is not the best - but not the worst)


Very very unlikely it will not have any trades on it, deffo no trades on EU guns coz VFC/Umarex have these

you "might" get a HongKong gun with trades but I wouldn't bank on it these days, a few years back maybe but doubt if they still doing them with trades


only other upgrade - A sling, it has some weight 3.5 to nearly 4kg time you bung on some kitchen sink props etc...

yeah sling would be wise if using all day


magazine's, can be a bit picky, numerous 416's with their magwell's can be pickky so may need to use a bit of tape/velcro to reduce mag wobble and fit nice & snug feeding sweet on other mags you may use

not a bad gun, a few qwirks but it isn't that bad and quite nice after a few little tweaks & mods imho

out of the box has its faults, but if you got a bit of common sense it is a good cheap 416 imho


possible parts list:


SHS red nozzle or zci type 21.45mm aprox

Element IN0804 M4/M16 Accurate Hop-up Chamber

SHS high toque motor (long)


lower spring - m100/105 or short stroke if you feel brave but with new piston like:

Metal rack piston - doesn't HAVE to be SHS, the piston guides allow for rather large/fat pistons that don't bind like in some boxes

(shs piston can be a little loose tbh in d-boys v2)



upgrades later on to consider but not needed - ffs just use the bloody thing for a while....


Gears - SHS if you change at some point with a delay clip

7mm SHS bushings



wiring isn't that bad, better than some thin pubic hair stock wiring in some stock guns

yes it could get changed - but jeez how far you wanna go ???


you really don't need to do much - hop is biggest downfall many including myself say

the rest you can leave for a while until she needs it

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only other upgrade - A sling, it has some weight 3.5 to nearly 4kg time you bung on some kitchen sink props etc...

yeah sling would be wise if using all day




Is that all? I long for the day that one of my guns weighs that little... ;)

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