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ICS MX5 III MP5 A4 Mag fitment.

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Couldn't find any posts previous about this and thought this might be useful for a few MP5 owners.


The ICS comes with 2 high cap mags as standard which is great but I think we all agree that for a full day more would be ideal. As high caps rattle I also thought mid caps might be an idea as 90 shots still seems reasonable.


After finding a few options on ebay but nothing made by ICS I ordered a unknown brand mid cap and a CYMA high cap as a spare. Both look to have the same fittings but they don't quite fit correctly. I also have a G&G high cap and that fits fine.


The problem is where the mag retaining lug locates into the recess in the mag it's a little too low or the mag doesn't quite push in far enough! I loaded a few BB's into each mag and held them in position to check they would feed correctly which they did so all apart from locking in place was good.


Out came the dremel (what would we do without them!) Just under 1mm was removed from the lip on the mag recess and they now fit perfectly with no movement and they feed very well.

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