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Looking too get some M4 upgrade advice

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I've been airsofting just over a year now I currently have a WE katana Raptor,turns out the fire selector switch has broke and according to the shop I go too the parts are hard to get hold off,I have managed to source the part from hong kong now,my plan was to upgrade the raptor as u went but I have a feeling I will be throwing my money away,so I've been looking at a replacement m4 the two I have found are


G&G predator and the Krytac trident spr


I'm pretty sure already that either of these will be a huge upgrade out the box anyway but what I'm wondering is are the spares for both of these guns easy to get hold of in the UK?


I'm leaning towards the Krytac tbh


Many thanks

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Buy the krytac.

Spares are easy to get hold of but you probably wont need to fix anything for a long long time.

As a Krytac owner, they are great guns and built really well.

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Should be fixable or new selector plate:




Most stuff in a decent gun is fixable or repairable tbh


It ain't mega bespoke, heck people have made their own parts either from scratch or 3d printed now


Worth fixing if you can, but yes Krytac over predator anyday

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