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Help needed.....

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Hi guys, my son has

WELL D3814 - M4 and there is little or no instructions with it....can anyone advise how to clear a blockage and also what is the lock ring for at the end of the barrel next to the magazine....?


Thanks in advance....



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in box you should of got a cleaning / unjamming rod


the end that is at an angle you push down barrel with angle end pointing down

remove mag first and push the jam back to hopefully clear - go easy and you should clear the blockage



bit f*cking noobish coz what the guy doesn't tell you though if nozzle is forward the bb wont be coming out that easily at all

but you get the idea....


remove mag anyway - then try to fire gun 1 shot only but release trigger asap to leave the black nozzle back so the bb's can come out from the magwell

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