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Mr Monkey Nuts

Selector very stiff?

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So after rebuilding a gearbox, me selector switch is very stiff, it does work, but is not smooth or positive like every other aeg is.

with the gearbox out, its fine.


What have I done wrong?

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2 comments in and we're talking about dicks, that has to be a forum record, surely?


Have you changed the gearbox case? accidently bent it outwards? replaced the selector plate with a marginally thicker one? Something has gotten tighter since you last had the gun assembled.

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Hey - I just googled "very stiff" and viagra started to show up in a lot of the results.....


yes something is catching - presume fouling the way the plate slides back n forth

how smooth does fire selector rotate on its own if the selector plate slides easily - no funny innuendo please


selector plate should be really light and smooth

but some fire selectors are stiff uhm ergh no firm uhm no uhm harder uhm ergh oh jeez..

have more resitance than others....

if both are uhm ergh - if both have a little resistance then combined it will be uhm ergh a bit more resitance together

but hard to quantify exactly the specific resistance - but if very high a plate could snap/wear quickly


might also help what box/gun in question but a M4's selector plate shouldn't be a tight close fit at all and just loosely placed in receiver it should work

then when clipped bolted down at what exact point does it get tight - snigger

where exactly is the resistance coming oops - starting to appear from ???


hopefully no smutty rude innuendo in the above reply as this is family friendly forum and not the Two Ronnies

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