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G&P M4 acting like it's on safe when switched to auto.

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G&P selector installed , gun working perfectly now. Thanks for the help gents.


SHS reinforced selector plate not compatible in the slightest , you can see that just by comparing the two - bad job tech lol.

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ahhh - the classic "TM compatible" minefield of quality crap aftermarket parts

No say SHS - G&P is not TM compatible - the fight breaks out, chairs tables glass everywhere....

OK - G&P are not SHS compatible....

NO - SHS are not G&P compatible.....


More fists start flying.......

Ohhh heck I'm out of here, call the ol' bill coz this is getting ugly now....


Glad you got it sorted sir :)


Interesting findings coz sure I got a box somewhere which "might" be G&P

so will check or look forward to any WTF issues if I start rebuilding it and using bits n bobs that don't play ball etc....

yeah - some of this crap makes the "joy" of closing your first gearbox up - look like playing with duplo

(don't remember any major modding required for duplo - ok death star or millennium falcon is an awesome build but duplo is more my level)

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