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What Inner Barrel? 6.01/6.03- SPECNA: SA B04 (M4)

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Hi Guy's,


Just purchased my first gun, which is a stock: Specna: SA B04 (M4 - AEG), running a 11.1 Lipo


I want to modify the gun with an inner barrel & replace the hop-up rubber


Can you advise on what would be best and why regarding:


Inner barrel: 6.01 vs 6.03 and what brand, I have seen that Mad Bull is a price friendly brand and also the Prometheus (Although I saw a youtube video showing inconsistant barreling with the Prometheus)


finall: What rubber hop, to give best accuracy


Many thanks guy's

Peace out

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according to GF:


says it has a 260mm barrel though tbh the pic looks like it might nearer 300mm by my eyes


doesn't say it has a mosfet either and only saw 2 wires running back out of box but fet could be internal but doubt it


madbull are over-rated and over price and can be picky or too tight I experienced

zci or tornado are good cheap barrels or prommy if you got the dosh


everybody will say R-Hop which is fine if you want to do it yourself

next in line is probably Flat Hop but maybe not on barrels below 6.03mm

staying with conventional hop/bucking then Maple Leaf is well thought of and possible improvement even just using std barrel/hop as long as you clean it


Most of the time the bucking makes the most difference unless your barrel is [email protected]


I'd clean up barrel - use some decent 0.25's and see how you go...

Maybe get Maple Leaf or look into Flat Hop as easier options

Mad Bull - nah I'd save a tiny bit more for a prommy - though my aim is crap so I just try to move closer to targets instead - much cheaper

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A PDI 6.05 if you can afford it, or a Prometheus 6.03 if not.


I wouldn't personally bother with a Madbull.

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Inner barrel wise, Specna are fine. If you do feel the need to replace, get a prommy or PDI.


Hope wise either flat hopped purple prommy with the prommy bridge, or any of the maple leaf buckings.

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indeed - much longer barrels aren't needed plus porting may be out if going nutz on much longer barrels

also many stock barrels have improved loads - they ain't hacked up pieces of pipe no more


clean it - run it as it is like we have said...

if you really want to splash money then buy what ya like - personally move closer


don't believe all the bollox my aeg shoots 90m crap

most out of box stuff does say 45-50m - how accurately is another question

increasing range and above all accuracy requires money, time, care & quality bb's etc.....

and still you will get sniped - so know ya gun, know ya limits and engage in fights you have a chance of hitting

(aprox 20ft in my case)

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