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Okto Eight Milsim

Op. Serpents Nest 23-24th July 2016 Tuddenham

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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OKTO EIGHT MILSIM proudly presents Operation SERPENTS NEST


This will be a weekend game consisting of two 8hr COMBAT OPERATIONS.


Our Tuddenham site offers a 45 acre battle area with a number of single storey buildings, mixed woodland and open areas.

23 - 24 JULY 2016

£65 (£30 non refundable deposit required at time of booking)

Players must be 16 years of age or over.

STARTEX 0900 23rd July
ENDEX 1700 24th July

FORCES - Total 50 places
NATO Coalition:
Moldistan Defence Force (MDF- Government Army):
Moldistan Peoples Front (MPF - Rebels):

Uniform/Loadout Requirements:

Full details are on the group but basically in overview:

NATO Coalition - 100% MTP or Multicam (AOR2, ATACS etc also considered) - NATO weapons
MDF - 100% DPM or Flecktarm - NATO or Eastern Bloc assault rifles
MPF - Top or Bottoms in DPM or Flecktarn or Russian camo - remainder in solid colours like tan, green, grey, etc - No helmets or boonies. Mainly Soviet weaponry AND civilian clothes.


You will need to bring all your own food and water and the means to cook with.

No Two Tone weapons - limited ammunition and low cap/mid cap use only.

Radios optional but highly recommended (Baofeng UV5 @ approx £25).

Free Overnight Camping




Location - the former Soviet Republic of Moldistan.

Two years ago, a massive seam of high grade Titanium yielding ore was discovered in Moldistan and it propelled this sleepy, poor, woodland country into the limelight of the international stage and civil war.

Operation Serpents Nest is to be the sixth game in this series.

The allegedly corrupt and autocratic president of Moldistan, Aleksandr Gretsky has been playing both the US and Russian governments against each other, in order to secure the best price for his country's natural resources lining, it is said, his own pockets in the process.

The Peoples Front of Moldistan (MPF), an anti-Gretsky political body of breakaway former governmental soldiers and radicals, live like modern day Robin Hood's in the extensive forests and do their best to harass what they see as an evil dictatorship, destroying the prosperity of their motherland.

In the last game, we saw the MPF attack the government airbase at Krasvin in an effort to sever their ties with the outside world and put an end to air operations.

After a bloody battle lasting two days, they were beaten back and retreated to the village of Stariye on the edge of their forest.

Using an old insurgents trick, they are hiding in plain sight, sheltering amongst the villages' civilian population.

Gretsky is not sleeping well at all, especially as the rebels left a big hole in his only runway and many of his best men in body-bags.

As tempting as it is to raze the village to the ground with artillery, the government is being watched by the West and human rights organisations. Gretsky knows he has to wield a tactical scalpel on this one and he needs troops who will go in and can separate the rebels from the innocent.

Its not going to be easy. The rebels are on their home ground and they know every dirty trick in the book. Foreign aid workers and UN observers are everywhere and there is little visible difference between a rebel and a villager. What's worse and just to rub salt in the wound, the rebels are stealing the aid !!!

Anybody can shoot, but do you know who to shoot ?

In this op, everybody will live in-game the whole weekend, although all weapons will go safe at 1700 Saturday - 0900 Sunday.
Government troops and allies will be operating from a large Forward Operating Base near the village and the rebels will be living in and around the village.



Who you going to fight for ?

Booking opens today (27th April 2016)

Please book online at: https://www.facebook.com/events/544968945677839/

For further information please contact - [email protected] or call 07535507950


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This is a bit of a first for Okto as we are going to live in game from 0900 Saturday until 1600 on Sunday.

There will be a village set up and civilians, embedded rebels and government (local and NATO) troops are going to live cheek by jowl, so engagements will be close up and personal.

At around 1700 on Saturday, we will go safe on weapons until 0900 the following morning but the fun will continue with the immersion through the evening.


There will be a safe zone to leave cars etc and people can camp up there if they really dont want to be immersed right through, but it should be fun.


Some of the players are organising a minibus to transport players from the south coast (Southampton/Portsmouth area) to share fuel costs etc (nothing to do with the organisers but we can put you in touch if interested).

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This game now has enough bookings to be viable and go live.


We have around 7 weeks to go to the weekend itself and its going to be awesome.


Okto 8 always like to push the envelope and this will be our first game where we live in game right through the weekend and it will be our biggest CIV-POP content so far.


We already have some sign-up's from our Milsim Taster last weekend and there is a definite counter terror flavour to the proceedings in this OP.


The rebel leader Nikolay Jakov, originally thought dead, has resurfaced in the small village of Stariye. Get set for a game of cat and mouse between the wily rebels and the booted and suited NATO and government troops.


We also plan to have a range of vehicles back for this game at Tuddenham.

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"The meek shall inherit the earth"


Well that lets this lot off then !


The MPF - lets be having you !!! - you're not going to let the "greenies" wipe you out are you ?




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Well we are all set for this milsim at the weekend.


After five games in the series, the rebels have been pushed back by NATO and the local government forces.


They are holed up in a village called Stariye in the Badlands and the government have built a Forward Operating Base just outside, so it could be a conclusive rumble this time. The series will end when one side has a total victory.


The weather should be a balmy 25 degrees at the weekend and this is the first time we have lived "in game" all weekend.

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We had a brilliant weekend.


Some said it was both the toughest AND best game so far.


The weather was merciless and bad personal admin took its toll in terms of dehydration and overheating.


There must be over a hundred photos, but this is one we liked of the government F.O.B.


Next game will be in October at our other site.



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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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