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Airsoft Showcase 2016

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Went last year mainly for a quick blast at Mall but couldn't get the games started before lunch

so drove home with the hump.


it was ok but nothing outstanding imho, I'm not into lots of branding or posing with named stuff

others though might have liked it but was a bit of a wash out for me personally nearly 2hr drive back in traffic

instead of 1hr drive - not going again

just pop along to Mall and play is better idea - that is worth the trip I'd say, not the showcase


ooh it ain't at the Mall - my bad, well showcase wasn't all that

maybe to suss out site but last year the Mall failed to get its act together so was a bit pi$$ed

StrikeForce - hmm temped to see it but nah think I'll pass as nowt else to float my boat

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Thanks for the reply.


To be honest, me and my mate would be going to give strikeforce a try and maybe see what deals there are.


Is there any fairs etc that you would say are worthwhile?


Being Preston / Manchester area I don't see to much activity in the local area, down south does seem to have more things happening.

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