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Gun Name and maker: G&G CM16 SRXL

FPS: 350
Hop up: Yes
Mag Capacity: 300 Rounds
Battery: 11.1v Lipo
Plastic/Metal/Both: Both

My opinion and overall comments: Great rifle cost me £215 due to the two tone (the stock and rail will be painted), Charging handle spring has lost alot of its spring and wont always push retract fully but the dust cover will open and show the hop up, the grip sucks and I am changing it out but that is just my opinion somebody will like it, has the ambi magazine release which as a lefty really helps but doesn't have a ambi select fire, full length 20mm top rail but if you want to add a grip or m203 etc you will need to get key-mod rail sections but the rail does feel very nice, the flip up sights remind me a little like SCAR sights but are very good and fully adjustable, adjustable stock that holds the mosfet and battery you will need a 11.1 lipo numb-chuck for the rifle to work at all because of the ETU and mosfet. I dont think there is anything to really say about the stock its something I will be changing but does feature a rubber butt pad and battery compartment. The rifle does have a 3 round burst fire function due to the mosfet and I do like it alot. There ins't any rattle its very well built for a Combat Machine, the barrel doesn't bend like I have read that is the user bending it themselves BUT to remove the rail you will need to bend it down a little so the gas block releases from the rail but then when you put the rail back on just push the barrel up and it will stay there. The upper, lower and stock are a extremely strong plastic and im not worried about breaking it and the buffer tube, outer barrel and rail are metal plus all the other important parts. So I would honestly recommend this to anyone its a very good rifle only a couple of little things but oh well

Overall rating:

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