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Accidental Import

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Hi guys,

I moved to London from Hong Kong about 1 year ago. I have just found my airsoft gun in one of my packed boxes. I completely forgot about this. I believe it is illegal to own and RIF here without a license. In Hong Kong it is not. Any suggestions about what I should do as I would still like to go airsofting here.

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If its already here, then there is no issue. You could have gotten in a little trouble when it was imported, but as customs didn't catch it, there is no issue. The so-called UKARA 'license' (it is not a license; merely a way for distributors to 'protect themselves') has so many holes and loops in it, and it doesn't even apply to you. It applies to those looking to buy, sell, or import/export RIFs. You are not doing any of that.

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