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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) thread.

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My feedback

Day started with the long drive leaving at 07:40 and arriving at 07:47


Car parked up marshals friendly on the main gate. Everything very well signed posted.

I thought Id get there early bet the queue for booking in yet I was still 20 deep.


The smell of bacon was driving a lot of us insane.

Geared up and ready to go we all headed down to the main parade ground.


Once the teams were sorted (red bands vs blue bands)


It was the moment to welcome the new members to rift.

Out came my name.

Grabbed my Rift Patch (one of the family one bloke called it)


With my embarrassing moment over. Tony got started with the brief.

Very well spoken good brief with a lot of comedy within it.

Now it was game on!




These are the games I can remember!




Each game starting with a quick brief so everyone knew the game mode


First game Ammo Crates

Objective - Collect as many of your coloured crates and return them to your Hq.

Making advances down towards pump house soon became a mistake. Blues had this area of the field dominated.

After a few hits I decided to give the other side of the map a go.

Heading towards grasslands. Again with the wind behind them Blues had some very good snipers picking people off.

Great game. This was a game to make sure the teams were balanced.


Blues winning!






Timed game 50mins Each Team

Objective Reds to lower the Blue flags (vise versa) Marshalls on each flag timing how long they are down for.

Flags located at Pump house/Main building/ Bunker 3.

Epic game with CQB in the buildings and even a few knife kills.

Did enjoy my little peek a boo at the bunker 3 as I went over the top and hit two with that.

Wont go into match tactics but Reds managed a total of 70mins in total.

Now it was Blues turn.

Reds made a solid defence of the main building and pump house.

Dont know about bunker as I had a perfect position to cover main building side door and the woods heading down into pump house.

only bad thing was running out of ammo. With a run up to the safe zone and back out to the field the two other members still holding down our position I was able to get back in and provide cover.

Reds smashing this game with the blues only managing 25mins.




Objective Each team has 6 bankers who are the only ones that can transport cash to the cash drops team with the most cash wins.

Reds now starting at the bottom of the map we made a quick advance to the main building picking a few shots off but it was very quiet.

So I gave pump house a go. With about another 6 reds we made the move to pump house. One of my team nicely pointing out a bloke in a good position I couldnt see at first until I saw the ginger hair.

He had few of our team pinned down. Not one for head shots but had to be done as he kept it poking up. With him down we were able to take pump house. I managed to get on top with blues pushing down that side I was loving it hitting many.

But me and Blue player had a standoff for what seemed ages our heads were popping up like the whack a mole games in the arcades. Both saluting each other after. And with help and advice from a fellow air softer Ben I discovered some new gas for my pistol which finally sorted my problems. So out came my pistol and god did I have fun.

Dont know who won this game




Forgot to mention Lunch Burgers and hot dogs all on sale god the smell was amazing.



The Site its self is part of the old RAF base which was based in chipping warden. Bunkers Buildings woodland makes it a cracking site.



Tony and his team were great, very clear and friendly. No problems with them.


Hit Taking

Absolutely no problems with that. Every hit was taken which I saw. Hits were made clear with a lot of nice hit. I was hit by a sniper and I dont know where he was but I honeslty thought I was safe in all directions bunker 3 first game shot must have came from main building way.GOOD SHOT


Will I Return




Thats my little review on an amazing day at Rift Airsoft Comms 3




Thanks for a great day

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I skirmished there a couple of times when I started. It's a long drive for me and I don't skirmish anymore but it's a good site in terms of organsaition, buildings and bunkers etc.


RIFT is family run and they do a good professional job of running a skirmish. I got the impression that COM3 was the flagship site because of its buildings although I must say I haven't played at the others which I think are just woodland. I believe they have expanded with more sites around the south since I played there last.

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) thread.

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