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Need nozzle for CM16

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Does anyone know where and which gearbox nozzle is compatible with G&G cm16, there is genuine one at zero one but delivery is £6



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Ok Thanks, and is it easy to replace? Any performance drop if I open gearbox


If you know what you're doing, it'll be fine. You might have better compression seeing as it has an o-ring.

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shs m4 red or zci nozzle


normally ranging from 21.27 to 21.5mm long - no longer

shs red can be a tiny tiny bit snug on the G&G grey plastic hop - but other/older G&G hop units are fine I have found ???

(either a tight brand new hop or G&G's high tolerances - not)


if a smidge tight wear off the red paint or very lightly sand the nozzle opening on G&G hop unit


there other nozzles like mp5's G3's that use v2 boxes but are different shapes & slightly shorter

a G3 is like a short M4 nozzle - mp5 is I think a bit shorter - depends on mp5 make


A shs red M4 is same length of G&G black plastic nozzle @ 21.45mm - just measured 'em both

(there are also at least 2 types of shs red m4 - single or double o-ring though single is fine and most common)


ask pete @ ak2m4.co.uk if he has owt - msg or FaceBook him

or lmk if you really are up $hit creek


what you are supposed to do is measure old & new nozzles and get them exact same

ak's have long & short nozzles - fit the wrong type and you will get either fps loss or feed issues

(you can still get the odd problem like any tweaking but that is what you are supposed to do)

for more info on nozzle lengths - I always refer to Clandestine Airsoft's nozzle section and you see lengths do vary even on M4 nozzles


There are loads of problems that can occur and you will see on the nozzle page that M4 nozzles vary a little

heck even gearboxes vary - some shells can be a tiny bit thicker/thinner at front meaning nozzle protrudes into hop more/less

there is up to about 8mm total travel of tappet/nozzle in box which sounds plenty but in reality it doesn't always give you guaranteed flawless feeding and perfect sealing against hop unit - not all builds are the same

Soz for way too much info - but it is very important to understand this rather than a - yeah that will do approach

it will probably work fine on semi but higher speed auto requires delay clip & careful selection/fitment of nozzle/tappet plate

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Thanks Monty and Duck, after reading Duck's post will pay extra and buy original ;)


Just get a SHS Red M4 nozzle - original G&G black nozzle don't have an o-ring

SHS or Rocket / RA nozzle will do ya


pete does postage for £1:50

either direct or he sells on ebay too

deffo worth giving him a shout

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This one? http://www.ak2m4.co.uk/ra-m4-aluminium-nozzle?search=shs

I have grey G&G hopup and spare black from aimtop gun and its slightly shorter


That will do ya


check the nozzle slides into the hop unit nice and freely - on rare instances it can be a tiny tiny bit tight

but yup that will do ya proud, the hop unit isn't that bad, bucking is what makes such a real difference

the nub - heck at a push the biro mod if you have lost the nub itself

you are only replacing nozzle I'm guessing - but whatever you do do it in stages


different buckings and hops can make a difference but don't change them all at once

some buckings may be a bit tight when fitted into hop

I don't mean fitting the bucking itself but once assembled the bucking lips can be a little tight that bb struggles to feed into hop under the nub

There should be light to moderate resistance to pop the bb through to the nub - anymore and yet another area you can get feed problems there

Your old hop unit should allow the bb to pass easily and feel the nozzle sealing against the bucking with about 1mm still to go

blow down barrel and finger over nozzle should give you air tight seal

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