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Why the hate for closed bolt support weapons?

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Hi all


I have been snooping around various forums and there seems to be a lot of hate for any support weapon that is a closed bolt system (not belt fed).

There are plenty of closed bolt support weapons that have been produced over the years that use a Cmag, e.g. the Diemaco LSW/ Colt automatic rifle.

Is it just the image of the belt that makes people think they are 'Arnie' wading through his enemy's?


Or is there a deeper reason?


Just curious you see :P





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The stereotype of a speedsofter overshooting everyone at 30000 rps with a c mag

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Real world: CMAGs and the equivalents are expensive and heavy compared to pouches full of linked ammunition. Belt fed systems are more reliable due to their more robust gas systems and bigger bolts. Stoppages are much easier to clear in a pinch on an open bolt gun than closed bolt.


Airsoft: Belt fed looks cooler, the guy that puts a box mag on an M4 isn't doing it because he wants to be a support gunner; he's doing it because he can't be arsed to reload as he goes through a full bottle of ammo every hour.

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Sorry for the history lesson,


But If we are talking real world, most LSW's were designed before the purpose built SAW (the minimi).


The early LSW's couldn't take the rate of fire and the barrels would heat up too quick and melt.

Later models like the Colt automatic rifle (C.A.R.) did have heavier barrels. But apart from being able to go full auto, it never actually brought anything new and useful to the party so to speak.

It still had the same range as lighter rifles, still had the same stopping power and would need to stop more for regular cleaning/maintenance than its normal counterparts.


Other LSW's like the L86 or the Galil did have longer barrels and better range, but ended up better as DMR's than LSW's.


Yet with belt feds, say the Minimi.

Same calibre as the Colt automatic rifle, but has;

  • A better rate of fire
  • Can touch out to around 800-1000m (C.A.R. is 600m)
  • The Minimi only slightly heavier than a C.A.R. with a full C-mag. (C.A.R (with C-Mag) = 7.88kg, Minimi (with 100 rounds) = 8.5kg
  • More reliable bolt system
  • The barrel is specifically designed for sustained fire.
  • Quick change barrel (where LSW's would have to allow for cool down)
  • The para version is more compact than the C.A.R when folded.

I know I've just stated about range.

But if you put a C.A.R. up against a GPMG for range, the GPMG would piss all over it, as the GPMG has a range out to 1800m when on a tripod.

That's why GPMGs are used with tripod as perimeter defence. So you can reach out and touch them before they can get you.


Same as reloading, its easier to reload a belt fed by clipping on more link so it has a continuous flow of rounds. A LSW would have to stop and reload.

Plus the space a C-mag takes up, I could easily fit 150-200 rounds of link into that pouch.


Now as for airsoft.

LSW's of a sort isn't that frowned on. But M4's with box mags are!!!

You will find that all support weapons and genuine LSW's will have bipods (Like galils, RPD's, L86 etc). So when used, you tend to have to deploy and use it as it should. Yet a box mag on a M4 is just an excuse to spray and pray.

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Thanks for all the responses, it has sated my curiosity :P

@Darkmikey22: thanks for the info, quite an interesting read, i like that kind of info ;)

I can understand how a m4 with a box mag spraying would annoy people.


Many thanks



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In the time I've been playing, the primary observation from most people has been about bulk and weight. A decent airsoft M4 is very much capable of dumping thousands of rounds from a box mag while remaining incredibly light and compact; you can't get that same volume of sustained fire in such a small and lightweight gun in the real world for a multitude of reasons that I won't go too far in to right now (some mentioned already above).


When you get something like a Minimi or PKM in airsoft they're heavier, more bulky, more awkward in general and often lack a fire selector so they can't be used in and around buildings; therefore you have a trade off that makes general sense for then having that huge 3k BB box mag dangling underneath.

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