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Shimming and upgrading.

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Hi all.


I've been using my CA p90 for around 6months now and love it, I'm confident enough now to start upgrading the internals and I'm after some advice.


I use it for cqb and will only use it for that so I'd like to get the gearbox running like silk I know shimming has to be done and I'm confident in doing that I was wondering what else can be done like mosfet, bearings, piston etc.


Any help would be grateful :) oh I run it with a 8.4nihm battery.

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only mess with stuff if she needs it or you can accept the fun learning curve


Shimming is one area that often you can make it worse than better if you are not careful

too many people shim too tightly, the main area to get is bevel height - that is where all shimming starts from

if that isn't nigh on perfect then any shimming after than will mean $hit - gears can manually rotate perfectly quietly almost

but will sound like a bag of bolts and motor heating up very quickly if bevel-pinion is out of whack


Other tweaks - Angle of Engagement, check all seals, replace or improve any crap o-ring or nozzle or ptfe etc... regrease blah blah blah


mosfet if needed and deans/rewire if you really want but read up loads and plan your work first

seriously - only mess with stuff that needs it

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Thanks for the advice guys, yes it's my only airsoft gun so don't want to destroy it, will most prob just got a Lipo and maybe wire it with deans for now it all works great apart from the magazine but have to some mid caps on the way.



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