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Free GFX (youtube banners) for you youtubers

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yep, free.


PM me if you want one, then we can sort it out on skype.


Some examples








(yes, I cringed through the process of making it)

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Ah, to be 15 again. Stock renders, awful fonts and strokes on everything :) Bebas Neue never fails to look good though.


Also, protip: The reason Youtube banner formats are so huge is for people using the TV app. etc. where they can see the whole thing. As such, it's savy to make a design that encompasses the whole resolution rather than just the PC, tablet and mobile sizes.


You may also want to move away from Photobucket as all of those free image hosts compress anything that's uploaded - maybe get Drive or Dropbox. Use lossless, web optimised PNG-24 when you're exporting and you'll get excellent image quality with minimal artefacts.

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Not gonna lie, the font used in Inebbed is AWFUL


Yeah I suppose, I'll see what I can do.


I tried dropbox, never really got it working.. I will try the others..


But look at this ahah *smug*



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