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Hi I am pretty new to airsoft, I have a G&G g26 gc4, I want to get a suppressor for my gun but don't know where to start can anyone recommend anything to buy as well as any other mods that would be pretty cool to add to my gun :)




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Why do you need a suppressor? It won't make the gun silent. Those make the gun longer, so harder maneuver. But they look cool. Unless it's one of those short ones that wouldn't even work on a pistol. Get ideas from real steel photos.


But what does help a lot? A red dot, a 1 point sling, mid-caps (+ mag pouches), Lipo + charger. If you play CQB, then a torch and a tracer unit.

I personally don't like the standard M4 grip, so I would switch that to a more ergonomic one.


Oh, almost forgot. At least 0.28g good quality BBs. Okay, if you spray and pray, then 0.25.


Edit: I checked that your gun has the tango down grip. That's a good one, keep that.

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the amount of furniture you can fit on a general purpose rifle is very varied. It just comes down to what you like. As Samurai said, look on the internet. its a chance to express yourself and make your G26 different to everybody elses.

It amazes me when people say what gun shall I buy, what shall I fit on it. Its one of the few freedoms we have and to me, its one of the most enjoyable parts of guns.


Bear in mind, the more you add, the heavier it will be to lug round all game.


Personally, I love suppressors - have them on nearly every SMG and rifle. I especially like those that look like suppressors but make the noise louder.


Just check what thread you have i.e. CW or CCW and make sure you order the right one.

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