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Baz JJ


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Reasonable website and good service. Have used them a couple of times.

For some reason, this time didnt get an email order confirmation or notice of shipment.


Looking at my account, status still says processing order even though I have the goods in my hand.

Owner notified in case they have a system problem.


Bought through their website whereas normally buy through their Ebay store.

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Been using them since they started, first few orders were great - prompt shipping, quick arrival, well packaged, always had notification of purchase via email.


Latest has soured it though, to the point I won't be using them.


Had this order delivered to work, RM 1st Class Recorded -


Items ordered Tues 9th August 2016 - no email notification of order received.

Parcel received Friday 12th August 2016, one item is completely wrong.

Notify them immediately, they promise to send out correct replacement and postage paid envelope for the wrong item, same day, Friday 12th August 2016.

Contact them again on Thursday 18th August as parcel hasn't appeared, turns out it wasn't shipped until Tuesday 16th August 2016.

Today post arrives, and no parcel from them in it, today being Friday 19th August 2016.

Next post take is on Monday 22nd August 2016, a full 13 days after the original order date.


Meanwhile orders came in the from Redwolf HK in less than 2 days via DHL, Guernsey in less than 2 days via RM, Orkney in less than 2 days via RM.


Simply, pathetic.


Edit: As predicted, arrived Monday 22nd August 2016, they aren't requiring me to send the wrong one back now, however probably won't use them again unless i absolutely can't get an item elsewhere.

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