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Battery Advice??

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So, I've just bought a Cyma CM.041 and have to say it's damn good fun straight out of the box!


My only issue is that the batter fits in the front hand guard and it's a bit tight on space in there. Unfortunately it will only fit an 8.4v NIMH split type battery (crane stock) in there as it seems the extra space taken up with the extra cell on a 9.6V is just a little too much to get the hand guard to fit properly without trapping any wiring.


My question is, would it be possible to use a 7.4V LiPo without having to upgrade the wiring and fitting a mosfet or will I just fry the trigger contacts? And would it even be worth it, should I just settle for using the 8.4V instead?


If the consensus is that LiPo is the way to go but I need to do the upgrades then I'll probably stick with it as is for now and leave the fiddling for later, still working on the upgraded wiring loom for my G36C!


Thanks guys,



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Excellent!! :D


Time for a couple of LiPo's, charging bags, balance charger etc etc etc.


This hobby really is a money pit!! :blink:

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measure old battery - uhm cheap plastic digital caliper gauge for a few quid is brill for stuff like this

but if not try and measure it with a ruler - just caliper mesures stuff very quickly especially the diameter of cells etc...


then armed with dimensions go to component shop




see what is about, and what your options are

best bargains will be the "block" type but as HobbyKing are RC mainly connectors will be deans or XT-60

you probably will need small tamiya so options are resolder or buy adapter


component shop should sort you out with correct connector lipo already


chargers - 2 types really, B3 that charges through balance lead - a little slowly

or the bad boy B6 type charges anything as fast as you like


buy genuine or good make chargers, follow common sense charging tips

and don't forget to factor in a bit of extra space for wires/balance connector etc.....

don't get the absolute fattest battery you can squeeze in - drop your max size limit a couple of mm

or you might find you can't quite squeeze that battery in there like the 9.6v you are thinking of using

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Cheers SD, I've been on the Component Shop website and found a 7.4V that should fit nicely with space to spare. That's where I usually get my batteries from and he's not too far from me so I might get in touch and see if I can collect.


It was the B6 charger I was thinking of getting, I'd rather buy a good one and only buy once - not get a cheapo and end up spending more on something decent later.


Thanks for all the advice guys, excellent as ever B)

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