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G&p gearbox upgrade

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Hi, I've got an SRC 416D and I want to upgrade the gearbox, wolf armouries has g&p upgraded gearbox on their site for £99 would this be a good upgrade for my gun or is there anything better I could purchase?

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link to gearbox ???

Thought G&P weren't exactly $hit hot internally

Lonex boxes seem to be built more precise but not cheap - think they use 16:1 gearing


SRC guns "can" be a bit qwirky - but tbh that could be said for a lot of so-called TM compatible badge


SRC gearboxes come in 3 gen's or types - you could have a cheapo 1st gen with 6mm plastic bushings

or a 3rd gen with 8mm metal bushings/bearings in


I personally buy say a £50-£60 box to see if that works better if fully 101% compatible

then strip and service your old SRC box - normally the box that came with your gun if ok is the one that should work best or best fit/operation

nozzle lengths, box shell thickness even, everything all perfectly lining up 101% is stuff we all take for granted

but numerous factors and different boxes can be a nightmare or headache to sort if there are differences between two gearboxes


A lonex box is reported to be a very good sound box for people seeking a great drop in replacement but not cheap - over £100 - £135 :o

(dunno if I'd ever pay that much myself)


could get a £50 one from Hong Kong but they might come with a high spring

could get a quick change spring gearbox but some of these use micro switches and can burn out trigger contacts on higher batteries

it will be ok for a while on 7.4v or 8.4v but no more tbh


whilst that is in your gun you can look at servicing your old box


Or - maybe just send it to a tech coz so called "upgrading" is not as easy as we all think and often make an ok gearbox worse if you don't take great care

£100 is nothing in upgrade terms - a £50 box with £50 upgrade parts is really only as good as how they were fitted and only as reliable as the weakest component inside

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