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Help with my first AEG

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Hi guys, so I've decided to purchase my first AEG. I have gone for a P&J M4 (essentially an A&K M4 but with upgrades from Taiwan Gun). I am just wanting to know around the basics of maintaining my gun... So tips on cleaning, storing, battery usage and generally maintaining the gun both internally and externally to get longevity out of it.


If you guys can give me any tips it would be greatly appreciated!

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It'll last a long time if you avoid breaking open the gearbox / changing the motor. The only thing I'd recommend doing is cleaning out the inner barrel with rubbing alcohol wipes and maybe cleaning the hop-up rubber with soapy warm water. Don't use high voltage batteries such as an 11v lipo, a 7.4v lipo will be fine.


As for storage, keep it in the box it came with, or in a gun case.

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Thanks, I keep hearing about putting silicon spray in the barrel every now and then? Any idea where I can get this from?


No, don't use silicone spray, use alcohol wipes. Silicone will collect dust and general crap over time.

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Are alcohol wipes really better? Every where I go people say to use silicone. Also how strong do the alcohol wipes need to be?

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Sigh, the important thing is to keep barrel clean.....

yes silicone will assist bb's to slide down the barrel with nearly zero drag


BUT if a tiny tiny drop of silicone mist of gets on that bucking in hop - you are gonna notice the crappy effects

and until you totally strip that hop down it will remain like that for quite some time


So the general advice is for people to NOT use silicone until you have gained experience in barrel cleaning

you learn exactly where your hop is and keep a good inch or 25.4mm away from it at least


Cleaning the barrel with alcho wipes is the main thing - cheap and easy to use

The cleaning rod that you use - mark it where you feel the hop unit is


cleaning the barrel first of all crud that builds up to stop the bb dragging on this crud will help maintain performance

so do that just with alcho wipes for a good while.....


if at a later date the you wish to polish it with silicone then you are aware of the risks of contaminating the hop rubber or bucking

It does help to reduce drag but like I said get it on your bucking and you won't get the backspin you should be getting

So bb's or their range is actually worse and you are screwed - complete strip down or replace bucking


THAT is why we do not recommend silicone for barrel cleaning tbh


only a very very small amount is needed and you buff it with a dry cloth to polish it - well away from hop unit


If anybody is thinking this is way way OTT try this.......


apply a small tiny amount of silicone on your kitchen floor.....

polish it up with dry cloth - now you see how slippery it is as your nearly break ya neck walking on it

if that is your bucking - it is f*cked !!!

now get some hot water, washing up liquid, lots of bubbles/lather, get on your knees and try to de-grease that silicone before you have a bloody accident

ACTUALLY - don't put it on floor - polish say a worktop as you will avoid breaking your neck or others that use that kitchen

It is very very slippery stuff but can cause more grief if used improperly.....


So just clean barrel with alcho wipes - that will do wonders on its own

Silicone if used needs very very very very careful application in the most smallest of amount and polished and polished dry


Spraying, pouring, soaking the cloth in silicone - that is just a waste of time and you may as well start stripping down the barrel/hop now


Think that should get the message across to most people - hope so coz I'm done on this

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