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Arena Industries Flakjak Tactical Goggles

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I'm planning to buy an airsoft goggles and I've read some topics on goggles and how should you choose them. But problem is that I didn't find many topics with useful content, people were talking just about specific types of goggles and only thing that I found was rating from S to A. But I found Arena Industries and I think they have really interesting goggles http://www.arenatactical.com/ . First good company that I found was Wiley X, but their goggles start at 50 pounds and goes up to 70. I know that you shouldn't save money on your eye protection but for this money you can buy a cheap rifle.


So Arena Industries doesn't have many goggles in their offer (about 3 different types), but their goggles aren't very expensive and I've seen only good reviews on youtube about their equipment. So question is that "Do you use their goggles?" and if yes "Are they safe enough?". Company says that army and police use their goggles (probably in US), but is it true? That website looks a bit "cheap" for worldwide company with eye protection. So did you ordered anything from them and should I do it through their website or I should pay more and order it on Amazon? Maybe only cause why it looks cheap is because they don't sell anything outside US?


Also here is the link to video about that goggles:

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