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ICS Cpt Icarus

New to the forum and wanna say hi

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Hey all


Just want to introduce myself as I'm new to the forum. My name is Mike and I have been airsofting for about 10-12 years and really enjoy it (some would say obsessed). I mainly play in the SE of the UK, but have traveled to other sites around the country and love the fact that the airsofting community is so welcoming and I'm always able to chat to random people.


As you can see from my username 'ICS Cpt Icarus' I have an association with the ICS Airsoft manufacturer. I am part of their Captain program which is basically like saying I'm sponsored by ICS. This isn't a sponsorship around performance and winning matches, but more around helping to promote the brand and create local content and events for ICS so as to help people be exposed to the brand and the great products they manufacture.


I have some content and videos that I am hoping to put up on the forum, really just looking to chat to people and I may from time to time have the inside track on upcoming products and I can even check technical questions with the manufacturer so if you wanna chat or ask anything, please do.


This isn't me putting up adverts to ICS, I don't earn anything out of it (although I do sometimes get merchandise) I am just happy to be part of a different approach by manufacturers to engage the airsofting community and I find it great to work directly with a manufacturer and know that I am helping to get players' viewpoints across so they can be used in product development planning.






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welcome :)


Read about the scheme on firesupport website links


My 1st was an ICS, the CXP UK1 (Oct 2015), love it, my 2nd is the M4 EBB (Feb 2016), gotta have a common look :)

so now my games I have to split the time between them!!


you should come up to Urban Assault some time in your ICS gear :)


now after another for woodland use....not sure why, just because I think!




p.s anything you don't want feel free to send my way

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If you have a direct line to ICS can you have a chat to them about making guns that a) don't support other manufacturers magazines (like the APE) and B) making truly awful midcap magazines that really won't lift anything heavier than a 0.2g BB. I like my APE otherwise but having to modify the magazine well with a dremel is not my idea of a fun weekend so I can load in 0.25g BBs and they need to stop doing that.

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