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Help with combat unis

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Hello, I'm 5ft3 and pretty skinny. I'm looking for multicam bdus or truspec, trousers and a combat vest. This all needs to be quite cheap as I dont have much to spend. Thanks in advance.

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Can't help much on the BDU's, but as a rig I use an LA Assault Vest. Comes in pretty much any camo you'd want and is adjustable. I'm fairly skinny too and it does me fine.

Normally about £20 for a vest.

Can happily carry 12x M4 Mags and a few extra bits. They're not Tacticool, but mine has never let me down. Very lightweight so you don't overheat in the summer. Quick and comfortable for any play (I do woodland & CQB with mine).

The back is MOLLE compatable (I think, never used it on mine) for the extra doodads.

Started to modify mine to put some buckles on it to replace the Velcro straps, so I can use a mag pouch as a Holster for a Mk23.


It was my first cheap vest and ive stuck with it ever since :-)

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I think Multiglam tends to be pretty expensive.

If you want cheap, DPM is the way to go. Can get a full set (trousers, shirt and smock) for around £60 if you shop around.

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