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Importing mags from the U.S

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As the search for mags continues I spread my search to overseas and so I went on to evike and found these mags http://www.evike.com/products/48423

For $10 and they have excellent reviews would it be worth the shipping and VAT to buy them? Do you guys have experience with buying mags from the US

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Not if all you want is the visuals.


To buy 10, will be $100 + $58, *0.7, *1.2 + £15 = £17 Each - Might as well buy PTS or hexmags.


Came back to make the same edits as proff, but see is not needed.

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BAMF mags are good from what I've heard through the Daytona Gun groups, but like Sacarathe says: Just buy PTS EPMs or Hexmags. You'll pay duty on anything with a value of more than £12 and the service charge is a killer.


Like I say in every one of these threads: Don't buy from the US on 90% of airsoft gun stuff (gear being a different thing). Mainland Europe has good deals on most things but as it's not always in English Google doesn't index them very highly when you search, so be aware of that.



Here you go: http://www.socomtactical.net/BAMF-190-Rounds-Polymer-MidCap-Magazine-For-M4-M16-Tan & http://www.socomtactical.net/BAMF-190-Rounds-Polymer-MidCap-Magazine-For-M4-M16-Black

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