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New player in Lincolnshire

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Hi All,


New player in Lincolnshire. Going to my first game at LAC on Easter Sunday and literally cannot wait. I've always fancied Airsoft but never really had the time or the money but now I'm able to give it a real go I think its inevitable I'll be hooked!


Having already skim read my way through hundreds of pages of guns and load outs on here it felt a bit odd to not at least introduce myself!


Can't wait to get started and any tips or advice are more than welcome!



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Went to my first game last Sunday and couldn't be more addicted to the sport (game?) Already!


Found the site huge and varied , for the most part everyone there was eager to help us with anything we needed and give us advice including the site owner who couldn't have been nicer!


Already got my own goggles and face mesh on order, eying up other equipment as soon as possible!


Bye bye all spare money and hello airsoft!!!!!!

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