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Tanaka PCS Bolt

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Evenin' Right here's a question for you Sniper Rifle lovers, in particular the Tanaka owners. I've recently bought myself a lovely Post ban M40A1. Obviously it doesn't have the thumbwheel adjuster but I'm still able to achieve 500 fps by swapping out the nozzle for the Spartan one. I have a friend that has the Pre ban version and he's very kindly removed the adjuster to show me what it looks like.


My question is why the hell has no-one made a copy of it! It's bloody simple if you know what you're doing.




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what does it do?


It allows you to adjust the fps by turning the thumbwheel. Very useful when the temperature on the day alters the fps. You can still adjust it but it involves dismantling the bolt and tightening or loostening the main spring but as the bolt is soft metal the thread wont last long.

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