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L2Read. :unsure:


Tell us more about yourself, whats your favourite colour, are you a girl, what's your favourite TV show, what star sign are you, where are you from, is god real, favourite music, favourite food, favourite sport, favourite book, how tall are you, do you like to run or camp....


Can't just make recommendations without knowing a little about you; jeez!











I'd suggest increasing your budget by £30.

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G&G Raider £123 @ Zero One

£3 over budget pick long or short


G&G Carbine light - but think you would want rails to mount stuff on to make it best gun evvvvaaaaaa

(soz - excuse my dumb ar$e-ness)


free 2-tone but sold out I'm afraid atm




or ICS is another good make:




but a bit more info would help coz AEG £120 means jack

you might want an AK or G36 after all these M4 suggestions

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If you have not had a chance to read the sticky threads in the New Players & Arrivals section (and a place to say hello) then would highly recommend checking them out because they will really help you. This link is for playing on a tight budget http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/12854-new-player-guides-info/


And you may need to increase your budget a little.

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