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Airsoft Spare Parts .com (Rafal86)

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I recently placed an order for a Jefftron Active break Mosfet from AirsoftSpareParts.com and was very impressed, so here is a quick review.


The guy running it used to hang around here selling vast quantities of parts through the classified, his name is Raffal86. He realised that boneyard guns and second hand spare bits and bobs is a niche that nobody seems to be filling so built a decent website and business around it.


His prices are fairly competitive and what sold me was the postage. £5.50 all the way from Poland, less than most british retailers charge.


I ordered a new Jefftron Active Break Mosfet, many people are selling them now, but what attracted me to AirsoftSpareParts.com was that he was offering to pre wire it, with a fuse, high quality cable, motor connections and new trigger contacts for an additional £11. I hate soldering with a passion so it really is a no-brainer, considering its going to cost close to that to buy all the wiring parts.


I ordered on the 1st March and it arrived on the 12th March, 12 days to be custom built, posted and arrive into England. I am impressed at that. I have had Taiwangun orders take longer and they use UPS.


Pay with paypal, good clear written English communication, and a pretty solid site. I would definitely recommend anyone to shop at AirsoftSpareParts.com and will be returning myself.

I will throw together a Jefftron review of the actual mosfet once its fitted to the gun.



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Had some bits myself from Rafal86 on here. He is definitely good people. Very painless experience.

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