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Do NOT buy IOTV from ranger-jack-com on eBay [more inside]

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Regardless of what you think about me, I came here to give you a friendly advice.


I bought the vest, and had to return it. PayPal agreed to give me a full money return.


I will just point out things in numbers.


1. Photo on eBay is a photo of IOTV [no doubt about it], but not the west that is being offered.

2. By looking at the photo, you might expect a brand new, mint, perfect condition vest, but you get totally opposite stuff.

3. Seller either does not know what is (s)he selling, or is a lier. I asked couple question about the vest, got a positive reply on all, and did not receive what I wast told.

4. Vest is missing a random part [i guess], but [look point 3], if I ask if the vest is complete, and I get a positive reply, that is what I expect.

5. Vest is missing side soft ballistic inserts [look point 3].

6. Vest is missing yoke + collar [look point 3].

7. Vest was meant to be a size MEDIUM, and size MEDIUM, means MEDIUM, not meadium LONG, or anything like that. Medium = medium. There is no mention on the offer, that the vest is medium long, other offers however have such info included, therefore it was either a mistake, or...

8. As you can see vest parts differ in color, and overall quality, but what suprised me the most are the female DAPS. That made me think, the vest might be randomly set all together.


9. Kevlar is in perfect condition.

10. Shipping was very fast.


To sum it all up. If it was perfect brand new vest, with all the parts, I would keep it, but for that price, is a NO GO. Its a trash. The vest itself is made of cordura 500, that is prone to be easily damaged [look at the holes]. Material is very thin. I rather use my Flyye MTV vest.


These vest are quite cheap in the US, but are rare, thats why the price has to go up. The vest cover is meant to be changed from time to time, US vest are NOT made to last, they are made to be changed. The only thing that will last a while are kevlar inserts.





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