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VSR Gspec Appraisal

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Hi Guys,

Wondering what sort of price I could get for an upgraded Gspec (JG).

Internals are as follows:

Airsoft Pro Trigger

Airsoft Pro Cylinder head

Airsoft Pro Spring Guide

JG Cylinger + Bolt Handle

Action Army Hop Unit

Maple leaf bucking and nub

Currently has an orda 6.23 installed (430mm) runs about 2/3 into the suppressor

Also comes with a Gspec length laylax 6.03



Harris Style Bipod

3-5x Scope

1 mag

Potentially a modelworks stock

It's currently shooting at 360 +/- 2 FPS with the Orga barrel installed. With the laylax barrel it goes up to about 400ish.

I've not skirmished this since the upgrades and have only put a few rounds through it to test consistency and hop, I've nowhere to test the range currently, however the flight path was nice and straight on .3's. Bolt action is nice and smooth, this will only get better once parts bed in, however I've kept everything well maintained.

In addition I have a modelworks stock which needs to be modded to fit due to the airsoft pro trigger.

I have 2 VSR's currently and am looking at purchasing a TM recoil, so wonder what kind of price I could get for this one.





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You would be looking at about £360 without the Modelworks stock, and £460 with it. (excluding p&p)

I'd be happy with something near that, get's me closer to picking up the next project :)

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