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Advice needed, APS ASR 116, ASG Devil Series, or something different?

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Hello all, I am new to airsoft, started this November and had bought two used guns, both mp5's but after a series of malfunctions and small breakages, I decided it is time for me to move on and buy better (and new) gun, so now I need your advice since I really don't know what should be reliable, good out of the box gun for some 240-300 eu price range. As the title says, I am dwelling between the



or new DEVIL series from ASG, but so far, except what is written on their website, I have no clue how good are these guns:


So what do you think guys? which one would you recommend, any of these two or something completely different? What brands you have good experience with? I will upgrade the gun somewhere down the line, but would like to be able to play out of the box with decent results



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