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Questions about buying an airsoft sniper

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Hi, I'm new to this airsoft game, however I am interested in purchasing my first gun, I'd like to get a sniper rifle.


I think I ideally want to buy a 2nd hand jg bar 10, upgraded, but not top of the range upgrades, just making it useable in a skirmish at mid ranges, with the view to eventually upgrading further.


Please don't give me the spiel about not buying a sniper rifle.

I was wondering what sort of price I was looking at for what I'm looking for.

I'm sure this will have been asked before but phone won't let me navigate around this website too well.


Happy to take any advice on upgrades or better guns to look at.

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Have you played a game yet? If not, play a game and have a go of someones sniper rifle and see if you like it. Because you might not like the bolt-pull of a sub 500 fps rifle. Look here for more info: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/30038-budget-of-ll-lll-what-gun-to-choose/


Please don't give me the spiel about not buying a sniper rifle.


Why not? I keep seeing new players wanting to get into sniping thinking that they'll be like Bodgeups/Novritsch and the likes, even though they haven't even played a game yet. The 'spiel' that people give is critical information for you new folks, they're doing you a favour and saving your wallet.


Back to what you are here for..


I've found that pre-upgraded sniper rifles are sold because the owners couldn't get them how they wanted them, so they might not perform that well compared to say a stock AEG. Ofcourse, that saves you money, and it might perform how you like it! If you don't like the heavy bolt pull, you can always get a Mancraft SDiK kit, which reduces the bolt pull distance, effort and is very consistent, you can run it via HPA or Co2. :)


It's a good idea to use BB's that are heavier than .30g, so they are less likely to be affected by wind AND so you can make more use of harder buckings so they can apply the most backspin possible, which equals more range. Certain hop-up units for the VSR allow for the use of AEG barrels, buckings and nubs so you have more choice to get the most of your hop-up.

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A lot of people do say for beginners don't get a sniper (for good reasons)


But you may be like me, and get 1-3 kills throughout the whole day, and just like trying to be commando, crawling through grass for half an hour, then walking through dense forest, in your green pyjam.. green camouflage.


I'm not good at airsoft, but I think the feel of trying to be good is certainly worth it.


Just thought I'd say, I'm actually diving into the SDiK stuff, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but it seems cool none the less, and what people have said sounds good. lol. I think it costs around £150 ish to get what you need from the Mancraft, if going co2 way, then buying BBs, and gas, possibly a scope if you don't have one. Have a snoop around on the search function with words like "sniper" "VSR" "sniper upgrades" "mancraft" "SDiK" you should find some useful info with the results.



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