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Slim suppressors

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I've got a little project in mind with my WE KAC-PDW. However, I'd need a pretty slim suppressor to avoid having to use a dremel or something (It will sit inside of the rail system - however it is an irregular shape and wouldn't accommodate the average 30 - 40 mm wide suppressors out there without modification).

So, does anyone know of a cheap suppressor which is below 30 mm wide and maximum 140 mm in length? Doesn't have to be anything amazing, just need something simple (only about 2 inches of it will be visible from the gun anyway).


Otherwise, if you have a suppressor which is 30 mm wide and around that length which you wouldn't mind parting with, then contact me!


Thanks for reading.

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Either this integrated suppressor option, or buying a KAC style suppressor to put on the end I suppose

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