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Warrior L96 opinions ?

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I am new to airsoft in general, I have a good amount of money to afford a starter rifle and I guess some military accessories. So what is your general opinion on the gun ? I made some research and people said it is dawn to luck, if you get a good one. I was wondering what are the things I should look out for when I am about to buy a gun in general. English is not my first language so sorry if the post is written miserably, and bad formatted as it is my first time posting.

And just letting you know before I moved to the UK I used to have a Mosin Nagant, so I have experience with bolt action rifles, but I was wondering is shooting a bb gun harder or much easier than a real one ?


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Get an AEG. Play at a site first before spending money on something you might not like.

The G&G Combat Machines are excellent guns for the money, you'll hear this a lot. As are Cyma AK's.


With snipers, you'll always end up spending money on it to get it perfect, that's why I recommend avoiding them to new players.




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