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Hi Guys,


Brand new member to the forum and about to become a first time player this weekend. Found the sport by accident via a Unilad post on Facebook and thanks to the likes of Scoutthedoggie on youtube have become rather interested in it and somewhat surprised it is not as well known as the likes of paint-balling.


I should add I'm based just outside of Glasgow in Scotland and there is a real lack of sites. I'm playing indoor at the depot on Sunday and was wondering if there is a reason there aren't more indoor sites; is it a lack of players? I ask as the depot only seems to run events every couple of weeks and a site open more often would seemingly be good and I am potentially interested in taking that idea forward into reality but would love your feedback as I am brand new to this.


So hello and sorry for the questions...


**Also any tips on what to wear bring with me to my first game would be grand!

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indoor cqb sites often get developed so most sites are outdoor/woodland I would say


indoor - cammo don't quite work unless you are dressed as concrete blocks or red bricks

though dark clothing for dim or shadow areas - anything else is what you feel comfortable in


first game - jeans - trainer boots at a push but some boots or something with ankle supprt

full face mask if its up close stuff and either a wooly hat or something on ya head to avoid any scrapes

if you have some ol' knee pads from skateboarding/cycling bring them as often ya knees can take pounding on hard floors


eyepro is a must but if renting site will supply stuff - good boots & optional hat knee pads

sweatshirt or hoodie will do - especially if its a bit chilly


a chilled out attitude and less ego - call ya hits and don't get too stressed if people sometime don't always call the hits you think you got with

(I say think as often just coz you are aiming their way don't mean you have deffo got them - unless you see the bb hit 'em but still chill a bit)


try to play fair, observe the marshal & site rules, don't worry if you fail to get an awesome k/d bollox - just have fun

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Everything Duck says plus I'd reccomend some gloves if possible.


Also welcome aboard :)

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