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Mr Monkey Nuts

Mk12 Mags?


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  1. 1. What style Mk12 Mags?

    • Original style VN short mags
    • Standard issue STANAG

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I'm being an indecisive bitch! I really can't decide on what mags I want to buy for my mk12 style SPR.


My choices are:


5 Stanag and 3 VN


7 VN



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I'm not sure where some companies get this VN thing from, they're just 20 round magazines, that's all.


Practically, it depends what you're doing. Lying prone a lot you're limited on how high you can elevant the weapon using 30rnd type magazines, so sticking to the 20s will be beneficial. But if you're unlikely to ever need to shoot at a point above you (or lob shots at a point that's level with you) then go with the 30s for the increased capacity.

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Id say mix and match.


Like CKinnery said the short mags are ideal if you are prone for some DMR action.


However, when it all comes on top its nice to slap in a Stanag and join the party!

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