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Liverpool / NorthWest Team

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So I've playing Airsoft for nearly 2 months and I have noticed that the main key to success is team work and moving as a unit. Sunday just gone I played SWAT Fortess Liverpool my team had no co-ordination and even when you would suggest to other players let's stay as one squad, people just run off! Or they won't run through a door way cause there scared of getting shot at! So am looking to join a group of players who play for fun regularly.


I'm 27, not the best player but as I say I have been playing weekly for 2 months. I'm a player who likes to try and accomplish the missions set throughout the day not just shoot what moves. I'm Living in Liverpool willing to travel to surrounding areas, roughly any town or city within' 2 hour drive from Liverpool.


I run:

MTP MultiCamo Militry Loadout.


Klarus Flashlight XT30

WE Glock 17 GBB

Oshiboom Impact Grenade


Also looking to add claymore and extra grenades to my load out.


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Shock and Awe Airsoft have a team they're just starting ST6. They're based in Abergele just up the A55. Great site, site staff and a decent bunch of people. I've played there for 3+ years. Not yet a part of the team as i have personal commitments but i intend on joining. Here's some links for you if it's of interest.






I'd say go a long to one of their game days, meet the owners and marshalls. Phil Smith is your man to speak to about the team stuff.

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Wow, haven't used these forums for ages. TBH I thought they'd died a death after everyone started using facebook for pretty much everything.


Any how Danny, Qlimax mentioned this post. We have quote a few regular players from your neck of the woods. And as has been started we have recently started a team so if you're interested in finding out more then get in touch.

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